Villa Gli Ulivi

Xmas is coming at Villa Gli Ulivi!


Hi !!!

Sorry for my delate in writing a new post…but I was terribly busy !

After summer vacations me and the Villa Gli Ulivi’s staff have been all engaged in making the house properly again, arranging what needed for the new seas

on and ( more important) for X’mas that will come soon!!!

The end of November is quite arrived…but here the weather and the colours are always beutiful and shining!

In spite of all the works to attend to…I’ve taken a break for going down Positano.

At the MAR !

The new ARCHEOLOGICAL ROMAN MUSEUMA opened were is the main church.

You can’t imagine what they discovered under its floor!

A very very very big VILLA ROMANA with all its colours and paintings and decorations still «alive» in their wonderful beauty!!!

They opened it to the visitors- at the end- after a lot of works lasted ten years…

Are you still at home????

What are you waiting for????

Come soon to visit it!

A little Pompei very close to your house…Yes! I mean your house in the heart of the Amalfi»s coast …where I’m waiting for you with love.



(Here you are some pictures of the villa discovered and its website, some views from the terraces of Villa Gli Ulivi and some of its decorations in Pompei style)