Villa Gli Ulivi

Hi! It’s a lot of time that I didn’t drip ink a little bit!!!!


Hi! It’s a lot of time that I didn’t drip ink a little bit!!!!
I’ve thought now it was time to do it and…. here I AM!!!!
I’ve jumped out of my inkwell because today here is a wonderful day!
In reality It has been amazing all the time during Xmas time and my beautiful villa is still plenty of flowers as it was spreengtime!!!
I’ve really worked very very hard to enter again inside my inkwell after all I ate last days!!!
Many many delicious deshes and sweets on the tables of VILLA GLI ULIVI ! (In the large kitchen where the PRESEPE crib NAPOLETANO has been done into the rocks, at the main terrace, at the gazebo…)
When you’ll come, you too could enjoy all the best of our traditional deshes, populars allower the world!
Let ‘s ready to enjoy: parmigiana di melanzane, pasta alle zucchine, spaghetti a vongole, pastiera, babà, delizie al limone…
I make you mouth water?????
Come here and you’ll see!!!!
Well, I profit of a beautiful day for taking a walk all around the trees and the flowers and then to lie down at the swimming pool.
These are only a little part of the privileges that a little ink’s drop living in Positano can enjoy!
I leave you with several photos, hoping to ear from you soon and…remember: for any question or wish you may have…I’m here, and I’ll be happy to jump out and communicate to you!!!