Villa Gli Ulivi

Hi! It’s again Xmas time at Villa Gli Ulivi


Hi dear friends!
It’s again Xmas time at Villa GLI ULIVI.
I feel glad and full of energy during these days.
We haven’t truly a wintertime in these days…
The climate is really wonderful, and flowers are still blooming..
Some people at the beach down Positano take a swim!
And so, how you may see in the pictures, in the kitchen there is not only the traditional Xmas cooking, but also some thing more fresh and typical of summertime like the polipetti affogati (very little octopus with tomato sauce).
But obviously not renouncing eating all the time and all days  the neapolitans STRUFFOLI ( typical little sweets with honey).
All around ( in Positano,  Sorrento, Amalfi,  Ravello….) beautiful Xmas trees and creches and living nativitys!
Let’ see  also how wonderful is the enormous  Xmas tree installed in Naples ( only one our from here).
It is the highest tree in the world that may be visited!!!! ( 40 Mt. )
There are restaurants, shopping centers, and whatever else,  and it’s possible to go with a lift just to the highest point to have an extraordinary, amazing view on the entirely gulf of Naples.
It’s a pity you aren’t here with your Inky to enjoy all this!
But remember that I’m always waiting for you!!!!
My best wishes for an happy new year.
It will be more and more fantastic if you’ll come  to spend some days in 2017 here with me…in this villa full of sun, flowers and joy!

Truly yours