Villa Gli Ulivi

The sweet fragrance of the mimosa




Today is a marvellous day and allover in the air there is the sweet fragrance of the mimosa in bloom near the swimming pool.

I’m thinking to take a walk and make something special.

Why don’t you come with me to Pompei????

Villa Gli Ulivi is only 20 minutes far from there!!!!

Thr ancient city of Pompeii — famously ruined in A.D. 79 when mighty Mount Vesuvius blew its top — is one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions. Few visitors make it to the top of the towering volcano, but those who do enjoy a commanding view!!!

This is another reason you to come soon here…

A hike around the crater’s lip comes with spectacular vistas of Naples, its sweeping bay, and Pompei. Let’s imagine the scene nearly 2,000 years ago, when Vesuvius sent a mushroom cloud of ash, dust, and rocks into the sky!

Let’come to visit these amazing places! To celebrate de Feast of Saint Valentine Pompei has opened the doors to the House of the Chaste Lovers.

If you were here, you should have visited this marvellous house before the onset of major works.

The name originates from the»chaste kiss» exchanged by two lovers in one of the small paintings wich decorate the triclinium of the house…..SO ROMANTIC! Escape with your love soon and come here! In the land of beaty and love. I’ll be here waiting for you and will be your tour guide.