Villa Gli Ulivi

An enchanted April



This morning I am in pieces … and do you know why? ??

I spent all night outside the inkwell. But not to write! To read!!!

I could not get away from a beautiful book written long ago that I found here in the home library and the reason is that it seemed to have been written here!

It speaks about a lovely April and begins with an insertion that promotes a beautiful spring vacation villa and focuses on «lovers of wisteria and the sun».

At one point one of the guests of the villa says:

«This is paradise … look at how everything lives in harmony, everything is welcome, everything is well assorted and visibly happy and gives us joy.»

Then I thought: but the writer is maybe speaking about «MY» villa ????

I can not explain the scent of wisteria twisting on roses and spring rosellines in these days! To lose your head … just as it happens to each of the four english protagonists of the book.

Have they come here too, in the past, to retreat from the long winter, to bask in the Italian sun and to get intoxicated with wisteria perfume?

Besides here in the South it is time for art and exhibitions.

Why not take advantage of the great work of Picasso in the enchanting location of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples or the excavations of Pompeii where it will be exposed?

You’re still in time to do this and more …

Meanwhile, come and read under my beautiful walnut arbor the book I’ve talked to you about.

Do you want to know how to call and who is the author? Do you really not know that?

Then I will tell you if you will write to me …

I am waiting for you.