Villa Gli Ulivi

Hi! Xmas time at Villa Gli Ulivi!


Hi! How are you?????

Me ….very very well and larger size after all that the delicious X.m’as food ate during these days!
Here the weather has been wonderful and everybody has appreciated the warm sunshine and the flowers incredibly still bloomed this year.
The climate has changed….It is true!!!

But at least here it’s possible to enjoy the beauty that never and never end as you’ll see in the pictures down did in november !!!!
Wherever there are amazing Nativity scenes on the coast.

Also here at Villa Gli Ulivi we have the ours!

In the kitchen and in the living room!

But now it is time to prepare the souls and the house for the last day of the year and for the new one!!!

Food and beverages …fireworks….friends and the villa’s comfort.
What else??????
And you?
Why don’t you come you too?

I’m waiting for you with my best friends: POMMY and COCO ( the two adorables shih tzu of the owners).
But I hope to be always «YOUR» best friend…